12 Minutes to a Better Brain

In order to help get you started on your Brain Strengthening Journey, here is your “12 minute Brain Boost exercise program”. This can be done in your backyard, living room, even an office! This type of exercise is known to improve attention, enhance energy and boost those “feel good chemicals” in the body. So before reaching for that next caffeinated beverage or numbing our brains with mindless internet wandering, give this a shot! You won’t be sorry you did.


  • Arm spins- lateral rotations 1 min (30 seconds forward then 30 seconds backward)

Arms 1

  • Upper body arm spins (overhead) high: 3o seconds


  • Upper body arm spins (waist height): 30 seconds


  • Air squats (moderate to fast pace): 1 minute

Squats 2

  • Jog in place (for added cardiovascular benefit add overhead arm pumps, claps or punches): 2 minutes


  • Push- ups + mountain climbers: 2 minutes total

Instructions: Do 3 push- ups (can be on your knees) and then 15 Mountain climbers: Alternate

Push up 3           Arrow right               Push Up 4

  • Jumping jacks: 1 minute


  • Quick hops forward and backward: 30 seconds

arrow leftSide Jump 5Arrow right

  • Quick hops side to side : 30 seconds

arrow leftSide Jump 6Arrow right

  • Jog in place 1 minutes


  • Alternating punches 2 minutes (hand weights optional)

Punches 7



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